Creative Arts Program Plan



Date plan devised:  September 30, 2016
Date plan revised:  November 18, 2016

1. To take advanced sculpture with Ms. Pelkey, which meets C block.

2. To be the lighting designer for all of the mainstage plays at Watkinson.  The first one is The Crucible, November 11 & 12. The second one is Pippin during the winter trimester. 

3. To work as part of the sound crew.

4. To plan a winter semi-formal dance in January and do lights, sound, DJing.

5. To create a cityscape out metal pentagons fitted together carefully, following mathematical and geometric formulas. Realistically, I will probably start this project in the second half of the year, and aim to complete it by the CAP senior show.

6. To work to refine my work in sculpture. In my castings in particular get better at molding techniques, improve my carving skills; to improve my skills with airbrushing and spray paint.

7. To get more detailed and refined with my lighting plots in CAD modeling, especially for music festivals.

8. To give myself more options when working live at a music festival. I can do this by customizing the busking pages for each individual artist. 

9. To contribute 3 new pages to the CAP Masterpieces Google Site over the course of the year. My first page is due October 15.  Other pages are due Jan 15 and April 15. I will also complete comments (following the 5C format) about others’ pages. Deadlines for these are Nov 1, Feb 1, May 1. 

10. To share my work with the school community, at least 3 times this year. To participate in the Open Mic/Open Studio presentations.

11. To take part in at least 3 Arts Bus (visual arts) events this year.  Many of these will happen during B block. I know that I can go to galleries or museums on my own, pick up a gallery guide, write a response paper, and submit these to Ms. Volpe as well, to count toward the 3 Arts Bus events. 

12. To participate in all master classes, films, and field trips, unless I have a prior commitment that conflicts. When I have a conflict, I need to let  Ms. Volpe know in advance so that my spot can be used by someone else.

13. To create an online portfolio that will be shared with Ms. Volpe and keep it updated with current work throughout the year.

14. To create a chess set cast in clear and/or white resin combined with a chess board created from stone and/or wood.